Urban Decay Naked Collection

Everyone who wears makeup knows about and probably has used Urban Decay Naked Palettes. It might have been the first high-end palette in your collection. I bet you have pushed them to the side, but why?

There isn’t a lot of buzz anymore about these palettes, because the market is very saturated. However, for any beginner or makeup lover, these are must-have because they super wearable, simple and perfect for beginners.

Unlike ALL of the ABH or Colourpop releases lately, Urban Decay does seem to release much more curated palettes. They don’t release a lot, but when they do, they are amazing palettes. They aren’t cheap but you do definitely get some great value.

The shadows are pressed perfectly so you don’t have to worry about using up the palette super quick, even with daily use.

Which palettes in the Naked Collection are the best? Which ones should you choose? Keep reading!

Naked 1

Sadly, this one is discontinued, but it is the OG. Most people bought this as their first high end palette and the beauty world was quaking when they heard that this was coming to an end, but no most of the Naked 1 palettes of the world are collecting dust.

When it was being discontinued, it went on sale for half price and people were flocking to stores to scoop them up, either to refresh their collection or try out a piece of the OG.

Why is this so popular? It was one of the first goof proof palettes that went on the market. All of the colours were super blendable, not too overdramatic and really taught the world what a “transition shade” is.

This palette was the only one of the Naked Collection to come in a velvet packaging, which is beautiful but it gets dirty quickly. It also has a much smaller mirror and can’t stand up on it’s own, which doesn’t make it that ideal for travel.

My biggest disappointment is that there are only 3 matte shades in this palette, but shimmers were very IN when this palette was released. I think this is why it didn’t really stand the test of time.

Some of my favourite shades were:

  • Virgin (all over the lid)
  • Sin (inner corner highlight)
  • Naked (transition shade)
  • Buck (outer corner or deepen the crease)
  • Half Baked (all over lid shade)
  • Smog (outer corner)

Naked 2

This was one of the first cool tone palettes I ever ventured into. I have travelled heavily with this one and have not hit pan (which is hard to believe).

The packaging of this one is a hard tin which makes it super durable, however, i did have a couple of shades pop out of the tin during travel. Luckily the shadows stayed intact, so I could pop them back in. This was also a change to the mirror, it being a full sized mirror. The mirror doesn’t stand up on it’s own, so you do need to lean it against something to use for makeup application.

There was only one shade that was recycled from Naked 1 to Naked 2 and luckily that was my favourite shade, Half Baked, it’s the perfect gold shimmer shade that is super pigmented.

My disappointment from this palette is that there is only 3 matte shades in it, but that was what was popular when this was released.

My prediction is that this palette is on the chopping block at the Urban Decay Laboratories.

Some of my favourite shades were:

  • Foxy (all over the lid)
  • Tease (transition shade)
  • Chopper (all over lid)
  • Snakebite (outer corner)

Naked 3

I love pink, blush, red and all colours in between in this family. So naturally, this was my favourite palette for quite some time. Which is why mine is quite used.

This palette comes with the same tin packaging as the Naked 2.

The colours are super wearable if you like rosy neutrals and it can be a lot of fun to play with.

Still only 3 matte shades in this palette, which is why I don’t think that this palette will be around forever.

Some of my favourite shades were:

  • Strange (all over lid)
  • Dust (inner corner)
  • Limit (transition shade)
  • Nooner (deepen crease)
  • Trick (all over lid)
  • Liar (outer corner)
  • Factory (outer corner)

Naked Smoky

The Naked Smoky was limited edition and really wasn’t around for very long. I was super excited to pick this up and I think this is when my makeup obsession started to reach unhealthy territory (and downward spiralled for the couple of years since).

It was one of the first palettes on the market to be half matte and half shimmer. There are 6 mattes in this palette.

Unfortunately, as much as I love this palette, it wasn’t something that I am reaching for all that often, I’ll have to throw it into a weekly makeup basket soon. The formula is very nice and so is the colour story but I think that this palette came out at the wrong time.

It was released in the middle of summer of 2015, and that time Smoky eyes were something that we just looked at on Pinterest but we no one was really doing in their day to day life.

I predict that if they have released this palette last year, it would have had much better sales than they did end up having.

My favourite shades are:

  • High (inner corner highlight)
  • Thirteen (all over lid)
  • Dirty sweet (lidcolour)
  • Whiskey (deepen up the crease)
  • Armor (for Smokey eye looks)

Naked Heat

The Naked Heat was the first monochromatic palette to come out from Urban Decay that was specifically marketed this way, however, I would like to think that Naked 3 was monochromatic for it’s Rosy Pinks in each shade.

This palette comes with an interesting mix of mattes (there are 8 Mattes!), shimmers, and even a duo-chrome type of a shade.

This came in the same packaging as Naked Smoky, the large block plastic packaging that is the most durable one that the Naked Collection has seen yet.

You can create some very wearable looks with this palette, but is one that doesn’t seem to have a lot of versatility. However, this one has amazing fall vibes.

Some of my favourite shades are:

  • Chaser (transition shade)
  • Sauced (crease shade)
  • Low blow (crease shade)
  • Lumbre (lid shade)
  • Scorched (lid shade)
  • Cayenne (outer corner)

Naked Cherry

This palette doesn’t get talked about often but it’s extremely pretty. That being said, it’s amazing if you are going for a pink moment. There is such a mix of different formulas in it.

The Naked Cherry is a perfect palette for spring time, the versatility of it is a little bit on the miss side, but honestly its a palette that I really love.

I would not be travelling with this palette though, even though, I really do like it. You just can’t get enough unique looks out of it.

Some of my favourite shades are:

  • Bang Bang (lid colour)
  • Feelz (crease shade)
  • Juicy (transition shade)
  • Devilish (outer corner)
  • Young Love (lid colour)

Naked Reloaded

Aw yes, this was released as a replacement to the Naked 1 palette. I’m afraid that it didn’t get it’s time to shine because Anastasia Beverly Hills released the limited edition Sultry palette, which was a dupe for this right before this released.

As with most ABH releases, they are super hyped and people had already purchased something in this colour family. This just didn’t offer anything unique at that time.

This was the first UD Naked palette to feature different sized pans. I think that this is brilliant, since most of us blow through our basic everyday shades like your all over lid shade (to set concealer) or transition shades. UD knew what they were doing when they gave us bigger pans for those shades so that we could get more value for our money.

This palette is truly beautiful, the shades do offer many different wearable options. They also are buttery, blendable and very beginner friendly, this would be highly recommended as a beginner palette.

The packaging has changed for the Reloaded palette and it features a silky outer packaging and a more sleek, modern style. I wouldn’t recommend this for travel, but it does look gorgeous on a makeup table or bathroom counter.

My favourite shades are:

  • Barely baked (lid colour)
  • Angelfire (inner corner)
  • Bucked (crease)
  • Blur (transition)
  • Distilled (outer corner)

Naked Honey

The newest release to the UD collection is the much anticipated Honey. When they started teasing this palette, everyone thought that it was going to be a pure YELLOW palette. But you need to remember, UD is known for monochromatic looks but they are all in the family of that shade, which gives you opportunity for more wearable looks.

With the Honey palette, came back the same packaging as the Naked Smokey, Heat and Cherry palettes. With the exception of those, I think that this palette is the best monochromatic one that they have done.

There is a nice mix of mattes and shimmers and that signature Honey shade is to-die-for. The palette does lean on the brown side of the spectrum, but I think that it really does need to in order to be appealing to the average consumer.

My only complaint is that I would have loved to see a matte canary bright-ass yellow in this palette. However, I do have a single Inglot shadow in the shade that I am referring to that mixes well with this palette to make some bad ass makeup looks

My favourite shades are:

  • Honey (lid colour)
  • Flyby (all over lid)
  • Sweet (transition shade)
  • Swarm (crease shade)
  • Drip (outer corner)

Which palette in the Naked collection is your favourite go-to palette?

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