Sleek Eyeshadow – $3.99 Palette Worth it?

Recently, I was on a trip to Connecticut, and I decided to spend my night shopping at my usual favourite places. I checked out Ulta, Walgreens, CVS and Target on the hunt for something different.

I picked up some of the new Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palettes in Ulta, which I am still testing out. I also grabbed some of my fave lashes, which always makes me happy.

I was walking by the travel section in Target, and I came across an eyeshadow palette. It was only $3.99, so I figured I have nothing to lose.

The brand is called Sleek, and the packaging is just that, matte black, no bells and whistles. It does come with a mirror which makes it excellent for on-the-go.

I love getting travel sized products for when I travel, so that I can pack the same amount of makeup but take up less room!

Initially, when opening this palette, I was surprised by how small each product is that you get. However, once you dip your brushes, it actually works out quite nice!

The colours in this palette are actually quite creamy and pigmented. I did have to work a little harder than other palettes, but I feel that for the price and convenience, that is ok.

The shades are all neutrals but there is a few different looks that you can do with it.

I wouldn’t replace my normal palettes with this one, however, its great for when I’m on a business trip for a few days and just need to pull neutral looks!

For $3.99 check this one out at your local target!

What is the best bargain makeup that you have been surprised with?

$3.99 Drugstore eyeshadow palette from Target, is it worth it?

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