Do you need an APP for your skincare?

State of the art skincare? An app that tells you how to wash your face?

What is this world coming to? Is this really something revolutionary?

Welcome to the world of Foreo. They are a crazy skincare brand that is trying to convince us that we need to incorporate high tech and beauty together.

Foreo recently launched a couple of products that use an app. Their UFO mask is supposed to be like any other on the market but I have seen very little reviews out there on this, nor have I bought the bullet to purchase this, as it seems like a really high price. There are so many other good masks on the market, do they need to be re-invented?

Now they have released the Foreo Luna Fofo, it’s their next generation to their popular cleansing tool.

This one claims to analyze your face with little sensors on the back and customize your routine over time. With the Sephora VIB sale on, i decided to snatch one up, as I wanted to replace my Luna Play because the  battery is dying (after a year of use).

When I first turned this on, I connected the app and it told me to do a skin analysis. I held this to each cheek, forehead and nose. It then did a skin analysis.

The app analyzed the following:

  • Moisture: Normal
  • Skin Age +0 years
  • Right Cheek: 15 seconds at 3 speed
  • Left Cheek: 15 seconds at 3 speed
  • Forehead: 15 seconds at 3 speed
  • Nose: 20 seconds at 5 speed
  • My Skin Score: 66 out of 100

I am curious to see how this might change, can you get – years? That I would like to see.

The only reason why I think that I might really like this, it tracks how many times a day I clean my face with it. I think that might give me some motivation to use it more often.

The part that bothers me is that this app could be more refined. What does my skin score mean? I’ve scoured the internet and cannot find any definition for this. I should be able to click on it in the app to find out! This is quite disappointing.

Overall, what does appeal to me is the price point, regardless of the app. I like Foreo because you don’t have to replace brush heads, they are compact and easy to use!

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Foreo Luna Fofo - can an app for your smartphone really improve your skin?

Foreo Luna Fofo - can an app for your smartphone really improve your skin?

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