5 Holy GRAILS and Holy FAILS: Drybar Hair Line

5 Holy GRAILs and FAILS: Drybar Products from Sephora

There is one thing that can make me feel beautiful and glamourous and it only takes 45 minutes. That one thing is a blowout. It can transform your entire look and somehow your outfit and your makeup just fall into place.

I live in Canada, so we don’t have any Drybar’s in the Toronto area, but we do have other salons that are the exact same thing. For $40 and 45 minutes, your hair looks like the day you got it cut and coloured, without spending $250.

I do have the luxury of travelling for work, sometimes I find myself somewhere in the US where there is a Drybar. I love that you pick out your hairstyle from the menu and they do it right there for you. All of there hairstyles are super-cute and named after cocktails, do you fancy a Manhattan, a Cosmo or a Mai-Tai?

When Alli Webb (the inventor and general bad ass #girlboss) of the Drybar fortune, released her book all about doing a blowout at home, I just HAD to have it. They also started selling their take home products in Sephora, so we could DIY and get that fabulous, I just left the salon look.

I have tried out so many different Drybar products and since weekly blowouts are not obtainable on my budget, so I wanted to share with all of you!

Prep Rally

Result: GRAIL

Drybar Prep Rally Review

Price: $29.00 CAD

Found at: Sephora and Drybar Stores

Findings: This is a hair primer and detangler. It is formulated with Biotin, Vitamin B and UV blockers.

I really like this for when I get out of the shower. A few generous sprays all over my hair and proceed to blow drying. It’s great as a heat protectant, smells fantastic and helps with the detangling when my hair is still a little wet.

I have now gone through 2 bottles, and will definitely repurchase. I am convinced that this cuts down my drying time as well, but that might be in my head.

Southern Belle Shampoo & Conditioner

Result: FAIL

Drybar Southern Belle Review

Price: $33.00 CAD for each

Found at: Sephora and Drybar Stores

Findings: This is a pretty hefty price tag for shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t hesitate to get it because I loved the Texas Tea and Sake Bomb shampoos from the Drybar.

I used this twice. I have NEVER used a product that has made my hair so DRY! Not a little dry, I’m talking big giant flakes of white dandruff all over my head dry.

I ended up having to use special shampoo and conditioner that smelled like train tracks to fix my hair. This is one of the worst hair products that I have EVER tried.

Do not bother, buy a cheap drugstore shampoo and conditioner. You will be better off.

100 Proof Treatment Oil

Result: GRAIL

Drybar 100 Proof Treatment Oil Review

Price: $45.00 CAD

Found at: Sephora and Drybar Stores

Findings: Alright, I am a long time user of Moroccanoil Light Hair Oil. I use the light because the regular makes my hair too greasy and is too heavy for me.

I wish Moroccanoil had an Extra-light, extra-fine version for us with sad, limp, fine hair. This is exactly what this is.

It’s clear formula goes on to produce a nice sheen, and smooths out your ends.

If you applied a little too much, its pretty forgiving too. This is currently my fave hair oil. I love using it after I straighten or curl my hair to let it forgive me a little for the damage (and sins) that I have done to it.

Detox Brunettes

Result: FAIL

Drybar Detox Brunettes Review

Price: $29.00 CAD

Found at: Sephora and Drybar Stores

Findings: I was super excited about this product because it actually sprays on dark. At first, it even seemed to cover a few of my grays that were begging for my hair to be coloured again.

Then hour 1 set in. I put my sunglasses on my head as I entered work. Only to discover, at some point in my day, I put those glasses on my eyes again. I had brown lines across my cheeks. I thought it was weird as I wiped it off my face.

Then my head started to itch. As soon as I finished scratching my head, I looked down at my nails to discover I had brown patches under my nails.

Overall, this is a dark product that leaves residue where you goes and it makes your head itchy. I’ll pass. The Moroccanoil Dark Dry Shampoo is a far better product.

Triple Sec

Result: GRAIL

Drybar Triple Sec Review

Price: $33.00 CAD

Found at: Sephora and Drybar Stores

Findings: This is a badass hair product. Why? It’s multi-purpose. You need some volume? Spray some Triple Sec. Need some oil absorbed? Use some triple sec. Add some texture to your beach waves? Add some triple sec.

What I love about this hair product is that it’s not like your traditional dry shampoo. It’s ultra-fine and doesn’t require much work at all to get it worked in. I love to not only spray it on my roots but all over.

The best part about this? No white cast. My only complaint is that the nozzle did seem to get a little clogged and not function as well when this got towards the end of it’s life.

Have you tried any Drybar products at home? What did you think? What’s your favourite Drybar style to create at home? Let me know!

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5 Holy GRAILs and FAILS: Drybar Products from Sephora

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