DIY Hair Styling Station

DIY Hair Styling Station Cart featuring IKEA

Hello there lovelies, hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

When I started converting the spare room in my house into my “Pam-Cave” (beauty/closet room), one of the struggles that I had was where to put my hair stuff!

I tried about a million different ways to have my hair products, tools, and brushes. EVERY SINGLE WAY I tried, just created clutter.

Finally, I decided to go to my local IKEA and pick up one of these Raskog carts. You can find it in the kitchen section at IKEA.

I put all of my styling tools on the top shelf, my products on the middle and my clips and brushes on the bottom shelf. This was still a cluttered mess. Sigh, the cords everywhere.

I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond to find an alternate solution. I found the “Over the Cabinet Door Styling Rack”.

Once this rack was added to the side of my cart, tools added, everything is organized like a dream.

I like that it has wheels so that I can pull it closer to my chair when I need to use my hair styling products and push it back in the nook when it is done.

I added some organizers on the top to help tame the massive amount of products that I have for my hair (I know it’s excessive). I find it particularly difficult to manage the travel-sized products that I own, so the little organizers work like a dream!

Here’s my little hair styling station:

Build your own hair styling station on the cheap!
Hair Styling Station – Raskog Cart from IKEA

Thank you so much for stopping by! Do you have any tips that you use to be able to store and manage the clutter of your hair styling products?

DIY Hair Styling Station Cart featuring IKEA

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