Norvina Palette

I used to love wearing purples on my eyes when I was in high school and my early adventures into makeup.

Lately, most of the palettes that have been coming out are full of beautiful neutral colours and these became my everyday go-to’s for so long. I’m going to blame the naked palettes for that.

However, when Anastasia Beverly Hills released the Norvina palette, it really inspired my love for the colour purple again, I just had to have it!

I wasn’t thinking that this palette was going to be very versatile when I first got it, but upon using it, I realized that there were a LOT of looks that could be done with it. I didn’t have to only use it for the purples and pinks!

This palette is beautiful, with a velvet package in a purple shade that inspires you to dig inside.

Once you are inside, it has 7 shimmer shades and 7 mattes, which is the perfect balance! What makes it great is that you don’t have to pull from other palettes to achieve a completed look.

I love that there is a shade which is perfectly called “base” to kick off any look and then you can use your imagination!

The mattes are pigmented and blendable, exactly what you would want in a palette. Some of the shimmers are pressed pigments, so you can get some fallout, so I would recommend doing your eyes first and face last to clean it up.

Here’s 4 looks that I put together that can take you through any mood!

The Norvina Palette - Review and 4 Wearable Looks

I Pink I Love You

  • All over lid: Base
  • Crease: Love
  • Outer Corner: Passion
  • Lower Lash: Passion
  • Lid colour: Wild Child

Purple People Eater

  • All over lid: Base
  • Crease: Soul
  • Outer corner: Volatile
  • Lid colour: Celestial
  • Lower Lash: Soul

Neutral Every Day Dreamer

  • All over lid: Base
  • Crease: Incense
  • Outer Corner: Volatile
  • Lid Colour: Dreamer

Sometimes, Drama is Necessary

  • All over lid: Drama
  • Crease: Incense and Eccentric
  • Lower Lash: Soul

What do you think of the Norvina palette?

Review and 4 Wearable Looks of the Norvina Palette

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