How to Make Your Heels Comfortable

10 Hacks to Make Your High Heels Comfortable to Wear For 10+ Hours! I use these on my Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, YSL, Valentino

I’m that girl who walks around the office in 6 inch stilettos, regularly.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will often see me with my heels high and lash game on. I love heels, what can I say!

I love luxury shoes more than I love luxury purses or clothes. I have a few Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, YSL, etc in my collection and there are definitely a few factors that go into making my shoes not turn my feet into aching, sore mush when I wear them.

The question that I get most is, “OMG, how do you walk in those?” Well, your lucky, I’m going to spill all my secrets with you today!

1. Drink Water

Seems simple, right? A little odd?

I know, you are supposed to stay hydrated and drink water constantly, until you can’t drink water anymore. It has so many amazing health benefits. You are probably looking at me sideways right now, thinking “What is she talking about?”

When your body is dehydrated, you bloat and swell. The first thing that swells, your hands and feet.

So when you are looking to wear those kick ass heels and determined to wear them all day, keep chugging that water like its your main job.

2. Cream Up Your Feet

Ok, I am not talking about creaming up your entire foot. You don’t want to slide out of your heels. That would be dangerous!

If you have a part of your shoe that is a little tight, perhaps the toe box, apply some cream to the part of your foot that hurts or feels tight in the shoe.

This can really help with tight toe box shoes, so that your toes aren’t super cramped in there and sit normal.

Keep reapplying lotion through the day if that part continues to feel sore. This will also help work in that area to expand. This also prevents you from getting blisters (I never get blisters from heels anymore).

3. The Shoes Are Just TOO Small

I know, you thought you got the perfect size, got home and they don’t fit right. You are so bummed but in love with these shoes. Or you tried on a bigger size and they were too big!

Put on a pair of ankle socks, and fold them down so that they aren’t on your heel, you DO NOT want your heel sliding out. Wear them for a few hours around the house for a few days, or while you are sitting at your desk.

They will eventually stretch out and become comfortable. Be aware of patent leathers, they don’t stretch too much and can crack, so you don’t want to do this too much and take care to do it slowly.

4. I Don’t Have Time For Tip 3!

Use a blow dryer on low and don’t get too close to the shoe. Wear your ankle socks and get the ball/toe area of the shoe to heat up a little.

Go slowly, if you are too aggressive, this could damage the shoe!

Avoid doing this on patent shoes!

5. Invest in Shoe Stretchers

These will set you back about $20 but they are worth it if you repeatedly have to stretch out shoes!

You can set them in and leave them for a day, test out if they are stretched enough and repeat until the desired width is complete.

I don’t really like reaching for this method first, mainly because the above options work way better because it forms to your foot and not a piece of plastic.

6. Look At The Heel Pitch

Look at the angle that your foot will be in when you are wearing the shoes. The steeper the angle, the more you will look like a baby duck wearing them and the more your feet will absolutely hate you.

Christian Louboutin So Kates are 120mm and these are foot-aching, sit-down-dinner-only, even-then-you-might-not-make-it-to-the-table shoes. I used to do ballet and I have no idea how people wear these. The pitch basically causes you to be tippy toed all day. EFF THAT! On the other side, Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies come in 120mm but are completely wearable, even ALL DAY. Yes, they are both the same height, but the pitch on the Pigalle Follies is less!

7. Shoes That Are TOO Big

If your shoes are too big or you slip out of them, get some rubber cushions that you put in the shoe, on the bottom and on the heel, this can easily bring the shoes down half a size to make them comfortable.

The bonus is that it gives you a nice squishy surface so no more blisters.

8. High Heels and Drinking

Your friends invited you to XXXX event and you want to wear some super-hot high-ass heels. You want to dance, you want to have fun, and you want to drink.

Well, don’t get too tipsy and fall all over the place BUT my biggest secret is buy shoes half a size too big.

Your feet will inevitably swell up, especially as you consume alcohol and the only way that you will be successful making it through the night is by having your shoes just a little bit bigger.

I have “wedding shoes” that I wear to weddings and they are an entire size bigger than my normal shoes! I wear the cushion on the heel of the shoe at the beginning of the night and take them out when I start dancing!

9. Bring Your Shoes to A Cobbler

If your shoes are completely unbearable, go find a good cobbler. They can do things to help you.

They can add a rubber bottom to prevent slipping (especially on Louboutins) or they can replace the heel tip to bring the height of the shoe down and help with the pitch slightly.

Find a good cobbler and make him your BFF, get your shoes repaired as needed with heel tips.

You would be surprised what they can do! I broke the heel to a pair of Michael Kors riding boots that I own. My cobbler replaced both heels and then cleaned and dyed my shoes to look brand new and it cost me $20. Seriously, best investment ever! The boots cost me $300+ and I have had them 5 years now and wear them religiously every winter. They would not have last me this long without my cobbler.

10. Bring Flats

My last tip, is to bring some flats handy, just in case. There will be times that your feet and legs say nope!

I like to have some Roll-A-Soles because they can fit in a pretty small purse and be used in a pinch.

Sometimes you just can’t take it anymore.

What are your tips to wearing heels all day?

10 Hacks to Make Your High Heels Comfortable to Wear For 10+ Hours! I use these on my Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, YSL, Valentino

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  1. Great tips, I rarely wear my heels because they get unbeatable but will try your tips and hopefully they will work . Have a great pair of patent red shoes by Michael Kors but I can’t seem to get into anymore, will try the stretching suggestions ☺️

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