5 Must Have LV SLGs

Must Have Louis Vuitton SLG Small Leather Goods

I am a lover of matchy-matchy things. Whether it’s my wardrobe (shoes to pants) or the inside of my purse, I love it to be matching and aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to SLG’s (small leather goods), especially ones from high-end fashion houses, buying new SLGs can be difficult with each new pattern you get.

For Louis Vuitton, which is currently my favourite fashion house, I find that any of the main canvas patterns and colours go with each other and work very well with any bag.

Here is a round-up of 5 SLGs to achieve purse peace.

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6 Ring Key Holder

Must Have Louis Vuitton SLG Small Leather GoodsI’m so obsessed with this SLG, that I have already written a detailed post here, if you want to know everything about it.

I love this piece because you can fit you credit card and driver’s license in it, house key and car key. You can bring one piece with you and have everything you need for running quick errands. If I have my driver’s license in it, I don’t have to worry about carrying a purse if I am just running to the corner store.

I usually have my RFID card to get into my office in it, since I work on a campus, sometimes that involves driving between the buildings and I don’t have to bring my purse if I don’t need to. Armed with an iPad and my 6 Ring Key Holder, I am off.

Lastly, this protects the inside of my purse from getting grimey or scratched up from my keys, which is important to me when I have worked so hard to get the purses that I have in my collection.

Toiletry 26

Must Have Louis Vuitton SLG Small Leather Goods

This is one of the most versatile pieces that Louis Vuitton makes. It is a toiletry pouch and that means that it comes with a wipeable interior. This makes this piece very durable, and you can tell by the amount of vintage ones kicking around.

This is a super desirable piece, and often requires a waitlist to buy it from the store. Often resellers are selling new ones at higher than retail price as well, because this is so desirable. Since this has been around for so long, check out vintage items on the RealReal, Fashionphile or Reetzy Facebook groups.

Why is a toiletry bag so popular? Well this one is famous. Princess Diana was photographed carrying one as a clutch bag, and that was extremely elegant and innovative.

This can be used as a catchall in a Neverfull, as a clutch on it’s own, add a strap to make it a cute crossbody or use it as a toiletry bag when you travel. The sky is the limit with this bag.

I’m on the waitlist and dying to get my hands on this one!

Toiletry 15

Must Have Louis Vuitton SLG Small Leather Goods

This is the smallest of the toiletry bags, but it is still a super versatile piece. It’s like a baby version of the Toiletry 26, and yes, you need it but for different reasons.

This is great to primarily use as a catchall inside of your purse, and it’s compact size makes it fit into almost any purse (including a Pochette Metis – see my review here).

It has a washable interior which makes it great to put anything in and with its gusset sides, it can expand to hold a lot!

Again, this one has limited availability, so you might want to look for a vintage one on the preloved market.

Josephine Wallet

Must Have Louis Vuitton SLG Small Leather Goods

I have a couple of Louis Vuitton wallets in my collection, and I have different reasons why I love each. A few years ago, I would have told you that this one did not hold enough cards in it for me, but now with digital wallets for store reward cards, this one really pulls ahead of the rest for me.

I love that this is a full sized wallet, that doesn’t take up a lot of room, I can fit it inside of my Pochette Metis or any other bag that I am using. It features 4 card holder slots and you can carry two currencies inside of it (which is great for Canada-US travellers).

What I really love about this wallet is that it has a removable pouch, that I can use for coins or I can use it for my essentials if I am going somewhere with a teeny-tiny wallet.

I love when you get an “extra” piece that can have multi-purposes, which is why I love the Neverfull and it’s pouch that it comes with. It really helps with the value per wear of the piece.

Passport Holder

Must Have Louis Vuitton SLG Small Leather Goods

I travel a lot and somewhere to stash my passport is an absolute must!

I love this one because it holds my passport perfectly and I can slip my husbands passport in the opposite side if we are travelling together.

It has multiple card slots so that I can hold my hotel and car rental reward cards. My Nexus card fits perfectly in the extra big slot that comes at the bottom.

This was one of the first SLG’s that I ever bought (the first one that I ever bought new) and after 5 years of pretty much continuous use, it still looks perfect!

The extra added bonus, is that if I have a picky TSA agent when I am going through security, I can pull my passport out of the holder with ease.

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Must Have Louis Vuitton SLG Small Leather Goods

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