Weekend Getaway Packing

How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway with Tips and Checklists!

Well, its almost the weekend, and that means that I am packing to get away with the ladies. Woohoo!

I have been travelling for the better part of 10 years for business. That means that I have gone through a lot of luggage and been able to test out a lot of pieces.

Some may seem too fancy, but let me explain!

Before I go away

As soon as I find out that I am going away, there are a few things that I do to get ready for my trip

If I am taking my own car

  • Make sure that my oil is changed, don’t need to get an oil change soon
  • Make sure that I have lots of windshield washer fluid
  • Double check that I don’t need air in my tires
  • Fill up my gas tank the night before
  • Do a quick car cleaning to make sure it’s all ready to go and no unnecessary junk in the car
  • Make sure that I have packed an emergency kit

I have 3 cats, so I want to make sure that they are taken care of

  • Find someone to feed my cats while I am away
  • Make sure that there is enough food for them
  • Make sure that I have enough pet medication
  • Clean the litter boxes
  • Make sure that there is fresh water in their water feeder

For my house

  • Make sure that person who is coming to feed my cats has a key and alarm code
  • House is tidy
  • Windows are closed and locked
  • Air conditioner or furnace is on at a comfortable temp for the cats
  • Unplug any hair appliances

The Bag

This is the most critical piece that I take with me and its especially awesome for weekend road trips during the summer with the girls. This bag also doubles as a super awesome carry on travel bag.

The Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 Bandoliere is one piece that I cannot live without. You may ask me why such a fancy piece? Well hold on, just listen. I bought this pre-loved, its from 1989 and is already worn in (in my opinion, in all of the right places). Since it’s worn in, it didn’t cost a fortune, it still has tons of life left and I am not stressing if I get caught in the rain with it or have to jam it in the back of the car with 20 other luggage items.

See my 5 Must Have Louis Vuitton Bags here.

This bag is perfect because I can carry it over carry shoulder with the Bandoliere strap if I don’t want to hold onto the handles.

This bag carries more than enough for all of the goodies that I require for a weekend getaway.

To buy authentic preloved, shop at Fashionphile:

How I plan my packing lists

I use OneNote to create packing lists. The reason that I like OneNote is that I can access my lists from my phone, IPad and my computer, so I can work on the list from each device. I like to check off the items as I pack them in my master packing list and check them off as I wear them as well. After my trip is complete, I archive this list for reference later if I am doing a similar trip.

Here is a list that I created for my upcoming trip:

Games Day Packing List 2018


◦ Black Jeans

◦ Black and White Gingham Top

◦ Black Shorts

◦ Bring on the Sun Top

◦ Pink Guess Jeans

◦ Black Peblum top

◦ Green and Black Bikini

◦ Black Yoga Pants

◦ Grey T-Shirt


◦ Pink Belt

◦ Black and Gold Chunky Necklace


◦ Pink Heels

◦ Black Sanuck Sandals

◦ White and Pink Ted Baker Casual Shoes


◦ Primer: NYX Pore Filler

◦ Foundation: Inglot YSM

◦ Powder: Laura Mercier

◦ Bronzer: Benefit Hoola

◦ Blush: NARS Orgasm

◦ Highlighter: Becca Champagne Pop

◦ Eye Primer: Urban Decay

◦ Eye Shadow: Jaclyn Hill x Morphe

◦ Eyeliner: Kat Von D in Trooper

◦ Mascara: UD Troublemaker


◦ Pillow

◦ Phone/IPad Charger

◦ Pajamas

◦ 3x underwear

◦ 2x bras

The Outfit Plan

I like to create a little list that details the days that I am away and every outfit required for that day. I always mark the items in an outfit with a (R) for Rewear this piece later in the trip or (L) for put in the laundry bag.

Outfit #1: Friday: Leaving from work/Driving in the car

◦ Black Jeans (L)

◦ Black and White Gingham Top (L)

◦ Pink Belt (L)

◦ Pink Heels (L)

Outfit #2: Saturday: Games Day in Backyard

◦ Black Shorts (L)

◦ Bring on the Sun Tank Top (L)

◦ Green and Black Bikini (L)

◦ Black Sanuk Sandals (R)

Outfit #3: Saturday: Going to a Concert

◦ White and Pink Ted Baker Casual Shoes (L)

◦ Pink Guess Jeans (L)

◦ Black Peblum Top (L)

◦ Black and Gold Chunky Necklace (L)

Outfit #4: Sunday: Driving Home

◦ Black yoga pants (L)

◦ Grey T-shirt (L)

◦ Black Sanuk Sandals (L)

Laundry bag

Weekend Packing Checklist and Tips!

I always pack a simple laundry bag with me because sometimes, I can’t unpack my entire bag where I am staying. It’s great to keep my dirty clothes separate from my clean ones.

I have used lots of different types of laundry bags but this one that I picked up from Ulta is pretty awesome and affordable.

Toiletry Bag

Weekend Packing Checklist and Tips!

I like to pack 2 separate toiletry bags, one for my makeup and another for liquid products and skincare that could possibly leak.

This bag is great because I can pack my makeup brushes in the front compartment to keep them separate from the rest of my stuff.


Weekend Packing Checklist and Tips!!

Lastly, I like to pack my shoes in shoe bags that I have acquired from shoe purchases. I want to protect my clean clothes and also make sure that my shoes don’t mess up the inside of my bag.


Weekend Packing Checklist and Tips!

For trips like these, I love to use my Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM. Especially because this is my fave purse for work. I can pack a ton of stuff inside of it and use it for the trip. I also can’t be without a few of my work essentials, just in case, because I am on call all of the time. I like to use the purse that comes in the Neverfull for when I am running around on the trip and don’t need to have a huge purse with me.

See my full post about Everything you Need to Know About the Louis Vuitton Neverfull here.

How do you pack for your weekend getaways? Let me know!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Weekend Packing Checklist and Tips!

Weekend Packing Checklist and Tips!

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