Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holdero

Louis Vuitton LV SLG (Small Leather Good) 6-Ring Key Holder Full Review

I love to have accessories to go with my purses. I want pieces that are functional, stylish and go with all of my bags. One of my favourites is the 6 Ring Key Holder by Louis Vuitton.

I struggled with pros and cons BEFORE I purchased this item.

My thoughts were filled with, do I need this item? Will opening it up to find my key be annoying? Will this be too heavy on my ignition? Will I have to remove my car key?

Well, I did the research, so YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

If you are looking into getting this cute little SLG. Look no further and keep reading.

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This is what I would call an entry level SLG (small leather good). It has a good price point ($290 CAD).

This comes with six brass hooks to hold individual keys and currently comes in Monogram, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur. I chose the Damier Ebene because I have a few bags in that print.

Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holder in Damier Ebene

  • 4″ x 2.8″
  • Snapped flap closure
  • Holds 6 keys
  • Canvas exterior with cross grain leather lining
  • Golden colour metallic pieces (brass)
  • Made in France or Spain

Should I get it monogrammed?

This is one of the few times that I am going to say YES. I have not yet, but I feel that you will not really want to resale this item because its not a HUGE investment.

If you are unsure, get it without the monogram and then get it hotstamped at a later date (most LV stores will do this for you).

I feel like this is an essential SLG that will last you a long time.

Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holder in Damier Ebene

The Ever Evolving Car Ignition Key (or Keyless)

My last car had a keyless ignition, I NEVER could figure out where my keys were. I knew they were in my purse somewhere because my car would unlock and start. I was quite sad when I traded in my last car (which was a 2013 Dodge) for a 2017 Chevrolet to discover that I had to start using my key again.

Within the first few months of having my new car, I was constantly fumbling with my keys. They would fall to the bottom of my purse, since I regularly use a Neverfull and carry WAY too many items in it. I knew I needed a better way and I didn’t want a bunch of silly key chains.

I was concerned that A-this key pouch would not fit my key, B-it would be too heavy on my ignition.

Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holder in Chevrolet Ignition

My car key is a switchblade type, so I leave it as the only key outside of my holder. I always flip the key inside the keyfob as soon as I am done driving. This doesn’t bother me at all, since my keys are used 99% of the time for my car (I have keyless entry to my house).

Even with my essential items, the key holder does not weigh down my ignition, hit my leg or bother me at all!

What it fits inside-why not a key chain?

Well, there is one big difference between this and a key chain. I have to use RFID fob and card keys for my office (difference buildings). Having the fob on my keys is fine but its the RFID card that makes a huge difference.

This little SLG can fit little cards in the back of it!

Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holder Small Leather Good Full Review

If you don’t need a RFID card for work like me, you can easily use this for your driver’s license and credit card if you want to run some quick errands.

The other reason why I LOVE my 6 ring key holder so much is that it is protecting the inside of my purse from getting all dirty, nasty and ripped from my keys. Since the keys sit nicely inside of the bag, they aren’t bouncing around inside my purse.

Do you have a 6-Ring Key Holder from Louis Vuitton or another fashion house? Do you use it all the time? Let me know in the comments below!

Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holder Review

Have a fabulous day!

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