Best Subscriptions for Undies for Him and Her

Best Subscriptions for Undies - Shop from your home, subscription box

For him:

My husband always asks me to buy him underwear and he likes the nice Under Armor ones but they are expensive. I’ll go to the States shopping and if I see a pair, I will pick them up for him, but its never enough. At $30 a pair of underwear, I can’t justify buying him more than one pair at a time.

I keep scrolling through Facebook and Pinterest and I keep seeing ads for MeUndies, which is a subscription service that sends you a new pair of undies every month, all based on the preferences that you set in your account.

I decided to sign him up, he was very, very skeptical that this was going to be a good choice at all, but then the first month came around and that package arrived in the mail.

The first ones I chose for him, were the Racing Checker Pattern. It took a little while to be delivered (because it was coming from the US to Canada) but for low shipping and now NO customs fees, I am not complaining.

We received a little silver pouch in the mail and inside were the undies. The fabric is so soft and the convenience can’t be beat! On the 22nd-25th of the month, I can chose which undies that I would like him to get. This is nice because I have him getting the “adventurous” patterns, but I can switch it up for a single colour bold or just plain. There are also a few different styles to chose from, based on what type you are comfortable with.

Overall for $16, they are fabulous quality, super convenient and we couldn’t be any happier

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For her:

Since I have been getting him the Subscription package, I got a little jealous, I wanted some too. Yes, I could get matching ones to him, since MeUndies has couples packages.

Honestly, I like to have sets, I don’t want a bunch of random underwear.

After much research, I decided to go with “AdoreMe”. It’s usually $39.95 for a set with the option to buy extra undies for $7.95 (which I always do). You usually get a free gift every month (so far I have got a few tote bags, lounge pants, bat mask for halloween) and if you buy 5 sets, you get one free. Which makes this super appealing.

I normally buy from Victorias Secret, but honestly $50-60 for the bra alone just isn’t in my budget and I despise the quality of other brands that I can get from the department store.

I absolutely love receiving the AdoreMe Box in the mail and opening it up. It’s so satisfying. I recently started trying other items like a robe and pajamas, these are super soft, really nice quality and the sizes are very true.

A lot of ladies say, I can’t shop at xxxxx store because I need a big size, well that is where AdoreMe comes in, you can even get plus sizes.

Unlike MeUndies, Adore Me is an app. All I have to do is open the app from the 1st-5th of every month and choose my set that I would like.

I really like this method because I don’t want someone else to choose what colours and styles I should get. I want that control!

Download the Adore Me app from the App Store!

What could possibly be better than not having to leave your home to do some shopping and getting new undies EVERY month!

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