Everything You NEED to Know About the Neverfull

READ THIS: Before You Buy a Louis Vuitton Neverfull

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Before I make an investment in a high end piece to add to my collection, I do a lot of research. I mean, A LOT of research. My first high end bag that I bought was a Louis Vuitton Speedy and that was following by not one but TWO Neverfull MM.

Why would you buy TWO you ask? Well, my first one that I purchased was the Neverfull MM in Damier Ebene. It is an absolute workhorse. I bring it for travel. I bring it to work. I put it on the ground (I know, ewww!). I put my laptop in it. My lunch in it. The kitchen sink? It’s in there too. I love that the Ebene is just a care free bag but I wanted something a little more light and fresh for summer. My next purchase with a Neverfull MM in Damier Azur with the Rose Ballerine interior <3. I absolutely love switching between these two for my daily 9-5 bags.

I’m not going to lie, I want a Jungle Palm Springs or a Tahitienne Neverfull next…of course on the preloved market (since they were limited edition).

Here’s a breakdown of my research! I hope you enjoy.

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The Neverfull is considered an iconic handbag by this fashion house, however it hasn’t been around as long as one would think. Louis Vuitton created the Neverfull bag in 2007, only 11 years ago! It was designed as a larger tote style, with the intent to carry all of the essentials a woman may require throughout the day. The Neverfull typically comes in Monogram, Damier Azur and Damier Ebène coated canvas as well as Epi Leather designs. This style went on to become one of Louis Vuitton’s most successful styles, marking a key point in the history of Louis Vuitton.



  • $1240 – $3200 USD

Current Colours:/Finishes:

Canvas (Starting @ $1240)

  • Monogram
  • Damier Azur
  • Damier Ebene

EPI Leather (Starting @ $2090)

  • Blanc
  • Noir Rose
  • Indigo Coquelicot
  • Noir
  • Indigo

Mon Monogram

  • Mon Monogram is a special made to order design, you can choose the interior colour, stripe colour and your initials. Louis Vuitton will then make this especially for you and paint your chosen accents on it.
  • NOTE: I would recommend only purchasing the Mon Monogram model if you NEVER plan to sell the bag, as having initials can affect resale value

Special Editions

Over the last 11 years, Louis Vuitton regularly releases Special/Limited Edition Neverfulls. These are often the most desirable and difficult to obtain. Due to this, you usually have to start looking on the preloved market to get one. Unfortunately, due to the limited quantities and high demand, these are often sold at higher than retail prices.

Here are some of the limited and special edition bags that you can get:

  • V
  • Moca Murakami
  • Stephen Sprouse Graffiti
  • Yayoi Kusama
  • Jungle Dots
  • Kabuki
  • Resort
  • Totem
  • Race
  • Ikat
  • Tahitienne Hawaii
  • Ramages
  • Rayures
  • Tahitienne
  • World Tour
  • Stephen Sprouse Roses

Louis Vuitton Special Edition Neverfull - World Tour, Roses, Ramages, Tahitienne, Yayoi Kusama, Stephen Sprouse, Kabuki

The Different Sizes


  • PM: 11.4L x 8.7H x 5.1W inches
  • MM: 12.6L x 11.4H x 6.7W inches
  • GM: 15.6L x 12.8H x 7.9W inches

The most difficult part about choosing a Neverfull, is what size should I get? This is definitely one of the most discussed topics that I see on Facebook Groups.

In order to decide, you must first think: what will I use this for?

  • If your primary use of this bag is for travel-> GM size
  • If your primary use of this bag is for work->MM size
  • If you plan to use this for diaper bag->GM size
  • If you plan to use it for everyday with no laptop or IPAD->PM size
  • Another part of your decision above should be, how tall are you?

I am 5’2″ and the GM is just too big for my size. My primary purpose for this bag is daily work and travel. So, the MM is a perfect fit for me.


Bonus Bag/Clutch

One of the best parts about getting a Neverfull is that it comes with a pouch, which can be used for an evening to grab and go as a little wristlet.

I don’t like the look of a tote when going out to dinner or if I am running in somewhere quick. Having the option to grab the pouch and go makes it very versatile. Overall, this is a great value for your money because you do get a 2-in-1 with this bag.

Two in One look

-You can have the option to keep the Neverfull as a normal tote, or you can choose to make it more compact by cinching in the sides of the bag

NOTE: Cinching the sides is kind of a pain in the butt, they seem to always come undone, let me know if you have a trick to keep it in place!


Louis Vuitton Neverfull - Should you buy it?

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Thank you so much for reading! I hope that this helped you with your decision to purchase this bag!

Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful for you!

READ THIS: Before You Buy a Louis Vuitton Neverfull

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  1. This post was helpful! I’ve been contemplating a neverfull for ages but didn’t know what size to buy. I’m 5’2 as well so the MM is what I will probably pick.

    1. It did not always come with a pouch, models older than I believe 2014 did not have it, but all new ones do. A lot of people re-sell their pouches, so most on the resale market do not included

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