Everything You Need to Know About the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis
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I was never a crossbody bag kind of girl, I always wanted top handle or tote bags. One day, I was browsing online and came across the Pochette Metis by Louis Vuitton. I don’t know what happened, I became so intrigued and obsessed with it. I had to have it. I kept researching all of the finishes and colours to find the perfect one. Now, this is bag is at the top of my budget, so I needed to make sure that I would actually use it and more importantly love it. After much research, I decided on the Empriente Leather version in Noir. I wanted something versatile, not too flashy, good for travel and I could dress up with a bandeau for a pop of colour.

Now, let me share my research with you!



  • $1830-$2300 USD



  • Monogram
  • Reverse
  • Infrarouge (past limited edition)
  • Masters Collection (past limited edition)
  • Trunks (current limited edition)

Empiente Leather:

  • Creme
  • Freesia
  • Papyrus
  • Rose Bruyere
  • Marine Rouge
  • Cerise
  • Noir
  • Rose Poudre

Epi Leather:

  • Reverse Monogram in Denim (past collection)
Pochette Metis Colors


  • 9.8L x 7.5H x 3.5W inches


It comes in canvas and empiente leather versions. The canvas versions are well sought after and difficult to obtain. For most of these, you have to get on a waitlist to buy it new or you can just buy it on the pre-loved market. These are the most desirable.

The Monogram model features a vachetta handle made of natural cowhide leather trim. In my opinion, this is the least durable option as the vachetta can be susceptible to water spots. Be careful to never come in contact with lotions or other greasy substances so that you don’t damage the handle on this model. If treated with care, it will develop a natural patina that is quite beautiful. It also has dark brown microfiber lining. The cost of this one is $1830 USD

The Monogram Reverse Canvas model is probably the most desirable Pochette Metis that you can buy, and most difficult to obtain. It has black handle and leather tab above the clasp, it also comes with a black microfiber lining. It is a much more durable and unique option over the monogram model. The cost of this one is $1880 USD.

The Empriente Leather models come in a variety of colours. In my opinion, this is the best value because it is all leather. The lighter ones are gorgeous but be careful of wearing clothing that can have colour transfer, just don’t wear dark jeans with your light coloured bag. The darker models are the most versatile versions. The leather is quite supple and is made of cowhide. It has a textile lining and the strap has 7 holes on it. It comes in Crème, Freesia, Papyrus, Rose Bruyere, Marine Rouge, Cerise, Noir, Rose Poudre. The cost for these are $2230 USD.

There are also “special edition” models that have been available. Currently, there is the trunks model that is a monogram bag with the special trunks corners and historic LV locks screen printed on it. The interior is also a cotton canvas lining. This collection is susceptible to scratches and abrasion due to the delicate screen printing process. It comes in a $2300 USD.

Past “special editions” include: Infrarouge with silver hardware, Masters Collection, Epi Leather Reverse monogram in Denim.

All models (minus the Infrarouge) come with gold hardware

What it fits

It has 1 exterior zippered pocket, which you can fit small and flat items into. I wouldn’t recommend putting anything more than your credit card, drivers license and maybe a few receipts in it (let’s get real, everyone just chucks receipts in their purse, or maybe that’s just me…). If you put anything too bulky on the inside, you are going to end up with a big, undesirable bulge on the back of your bag, which is uncomfortable to wear and unappealing.

It features 3 interior compartments that are actually quite roomy. You can fit a full size wallet like the Sarah, Josephine, Zippy, etc in it quite comfortably. I like to put my wallet in my purse and set my 6-ring key holder on top. I usually like to have my wallet in the front compartment and I’ll explain more about that later.

The middle compartment is the largest interior section. You can fit a toiletry 19 inside of it, so that you can use that as your misc purse junk drawer or lipsticks and pens. I don’t want anything inside of my purse that could potentially mark or scratch the interior, so even if a toiletry 19 isn’t in your budget, a small makeup holder or pencil case is great to place in here. I have a concern about spilling the contents of my bag, so I feel more secure having the smaller little bag with my little items placed inside.

The final interior pocket is towards the backside of the bag. I would hardly call this a compartment, more of a pocket. It’s flat and doesn’t expand, so it limits what you can put inside of it. When I travel, I like to put my passport and boarding pass inside so that I can get easily reach for it when I need but I know that it I super secure.

How to style it?

What I love best about the pochette metis is that it is a super versatile piece. I love to wear it on casual day with jeans but I can also use it for a night out on the town when I am all dressed up.

You can wear it crossbody with the strap, or adjust the strap a few holes to use it as a shoulder bag. If you are dressed up and don’t want the strap, it is removable, so you can carry it by the top handle. All looks are equally fabulous.

Due to the style of this bag, it can be difficult to add charms and poofs to it, you don’t want to interfere with the flap when you lift it to get items out of your bag. However, tying a cute bandeau, twilly or scarf around the top handle of the bag can give it some character and also be functional to protect the top handle, especially on delicate monogram models.

The front clasp

This purse is closed with the Louis Vuitton Secure S-Lock closing system. It’s an interesting design, there is a little nub that is on the front flap of the purse that clicks into a little hole in the clasp on the base of the bag. It won’t come undone until you push the left screw to the right (when looking at the front of the bag). This releases the enclosure and allows the front flap to become undone.

When I first brought my pochette metis home, I almost returned it. I couldn’t get the bag opened and closed easily. I was finding that the front clasp doesn’t fully engage and is difficult to open.

Then I discovered this one trick: you need to fill the front compartment so that the clasp has a firm backing to allow it to open and close easily. Once I did this, I found it very easy to manouver. I’m not sure if it is me, but it seems like over time it has kind of “worked itself in”.

There are a lot of concerns about scratching the front clasp as it is a gold hardware. There is a plastic protector on the nub for the Secure S-Lock system. However, due to the size of the hardware, it can be easily scratched. Some people prefer to keep the plastic on it, but I figure the scratches are inevitable and I buy my purses to be able to actually use them.

Quality Issues

There has been such a high demand for this bag, that there are rumours that Louis Vuitton can not make them fast enough. This has caused a lot of speculation that this is the reason that there have been quality issues on the bags. There has been a lot of issues reported of glazing and cracking, especially around the edges of the bag. I would strongly recommend inspecting the bag closely before buying or within the first 30 days of owning it.

Where to Buy

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Thank you so much for reading! Show me how you style your pochette metis!

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  1. Great post. Thank you for turning me on to fashionphile also. I just bought a ysl wallet there and am so excited. It’s one that isn’t even available in most shops now. 😊 thank you. I like your blog a lot. 😊

  2. Do you have any experience with color transfer on the freesia pochette metis? I can’t find any info on this at all!

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