Nail / Makeup /Hair #HAUL -MoYou Nail Stamping

I went into TradeSecrets at lunch because I needed to restock up on my Ardell Demi-Wispie lashes. They had a 70% off sale and I took full advantage!


I grabbed my Demi-Wispies (because they are my go-to lashes) and then picked up 4 more Ardell lashes that would be perfect for Halloween and doing costume makeup. I grabbed some half lashes too because they were on sale.

These Demi-Wispies are my absolute fave! They are perfect for everyday, office look. I hate mascara because my lashes never look that great with it on, don’t have time for Lash maintenance for extensions, so I wear my lashes daily. I’ll pick more up at my next Ulta visit but this is to get me by. They only had one set at the store near me, and not a very good selection, so I wasn’t feeling the alternatives.

I grabbed these Cirque du Soleil lashes at 70% off because maybe these would be sick for a cleopatra costume?

My go-to costume for Halloween for the office is a full length dress Devil costume, this would be perfect for that makeup look. Here’s last years Devil Makeup:

I grabbed some fun lashes with rhinestones:

Who doesn’t love glitter lashes?

I thought these half lashes would be amazing to try. I’ll let you know!


I picked up this nail stamping kit, it was $30CAD and comes with everything you need. Now, I grabbed this being completely skeptical, but thought I’ll try it out anyways.

The instructions look simple enough…

A+ for packaging and design. Instructions were simple to follow.

Omg, it works!!! Super psyched! Can’t wait to buy more plates!

Glitter Tattoos

I grabbed a bunch of these stencils and glitter for Halloween costumes. Really excited to try this out!

Have you tried nail stamping? Let me know in the comments below!

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