Sephora 4x Points: A VIB Rouge Story


This past week and weekend were the 2x points for beauty insider, 3x points for VIB and 4x points for VIB Rouge big event. I couldn’t resist because I always like to have a nice stockpile of points just in case I see a reward that is like REALLY worth it. That combined with some of the “amazing” mobile offers tempted me to make 2 separate purchases to take advantage.

Purchase #1

The first purchase was because I wanted to take advantage of the “SPLURGE” mobile offer, when you spend $40 available only to VIB and VIB Rouge members. This particular offer included a gift bag filled with goodies. I chose the Sunny Soirée gift bag because I planned to get the second one with a second purchase. I travel a lot for business and I hate bringing full size makeup and skin care products with me, so naturally I’m a sucker for travel sized.


I also recently obtained my Vib Rouge status until December 2018, so I qualified for the VIB Rouge free gift. This year it’s the Sephora Collection Pro Flawless Brush #56.


When I opened my VIB Rouge present, I noticed that it says Exclusive Sample Bags, is the gift bag that I obtained above part of that program? If so, I had to spend $40!!! VIB Rouge is truly a disappointment, I don’t feel that I receive nearly what I should get for the tiered status. Sephora really needs to mix things up, monthly samples, more deluxe sample sizes, instead of the regular 3 free samples, give me 5! They need to do more to entice us to be VIB Rouge (for people other than myself that shop out of boredom).

I picked out 3 samples: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In-Shower Styler, Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette for my hubby and the Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Samples.3freesamp1.JPG


For the actual product I paid for, I purchased Sephora Collection False Lash Cleaning Kit for $18. I saw this product online and other than watching Glamzilla’s review after I purchased, I had not heard of these before. I used to be a lash extension girl but turned away from them after a “lashes gone wrong” situation and not having the time to actually get my lashes filled. I have always been pretty decent at using falsies, I turned to them to help me while my lashes were growing/falling out and looking R-O-U-G-H. Now, I’m completed addicted and I wear the same pair of lashes maybe *cough* at least 15 times *cough*. I know that’s hella gross when you think about it, I can’t wait to start cleaning away, I really hope this makes my lashes look and feel cleaner.


The other product I paid for was the Velour Lashes The Starter Lash Kit. I wanted a Lash application tool for a while now, I use pointed tweezers and my fingers right now, but I’d love to get a real tool. I don’t need glue but this seems like a good idea having a brush for the glue so less mess, I’m hopeful it will stick! The kit also came with a set of lashes and they seem kind of dramatic in the box, but I’ll have to get them on to see.


Purchase #2

I did a second purchase because I wanted the other goodie bag but I saw the mobile offer “ALLSET” and couldn’t resist a mini Kat Von D Lock-it Setting Powder. This was free with $25 purchase. Ummmm Sephora WTF, this is tiny, not mini, it’s freaking nano or pico. I pulled it out of the box and was like, is this a cruel joke? 0.049oz of product, the full size is 0.67oz, I thought we would get the same size as the Lock-It Baking Mini but nope you get 0.19oz in that one. I’m sad, I should have picked the other makeup goodie bag.


I picked out 3 samples: Guerlain Mon Guerlain perfume, GlamGlow Matte Moisturizer, and Gucci Guilty for my hubby.


For the purchase, I bought Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer Concealer in Light. I’m in love with the foundation so I’m super stoked to try the concealer.


Did you get some hits or misses in the points sale this past weekend? Let me know!

Xoxo Geek Refined <3

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