August 2017 Makeup Faves

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation

I really like how a little goes a long way with this foundation and I keep reaching for it over the other ones that I have been using these days. My only complaint is that the ones that I see that are carried in the US are SPF 15, whereas the one that I purchased in Canada does not say that on it. That is ok, since I just make sure I apply SPF before my foundation. Sun protection is extremely important, and I do like to have it on my face as much as possible and honestly SPF 15 is a little too low for my liking on my face.

With this product, a little goes a long way, I use my MAC 130 foundation brush to apply 1 1/2 drops of this foundation and then go over it with a wet beauty blender to ensure that every drop is smoothed out. I really like the finish to this and that it doesn’t feel cakey at all. I personally don’t think that come winter, I will be so in love with it but for the summer I love a light foundation. My skin looks amazing since I started using this and I haven’t had a single breakout (bonus points for that!). I find the wear throughout the day is very good and my only tip is you really need to shake the bottle well. I shake it for about 15 seconds before I apply it.

NARS Bronzer in Paloma

I haven’t been feeling like really contouring my face lately because I have been so busy. I love that this goes on really light (but buildable if I wanted it to be) and putting it below my cheekbones helps to sculpt my round face. I really like this for the day time when you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard.

I think that this colour is flattering on most skin types but really suitable for paler skins!

Urban Decay Lipliner  in Rush and Lipstick in Backtalk

This is from the Urban Decay VICE brand in Comfort Matte. I really like that this isn’t too matte and stays a long time (I think that the lipliner really contributes to that). The colour is really nice for a neutral everyday look.

My tip for longwear lipstick is I line my lips with the lipliner and then fill them in. This pencil is very creamy feeling so you don’t feel that harsh drag of the lipliner that some brands can. I then apply the lipstick on top to keep my lips hydrated and the lipstick stays in place. If needed, I just reapply the lipstick throughout the day.

MAC Prep and Prime – Natural Radiance

I have been feeling a little dry lately and I love the way that this feels under my foundation. Its so smooth makes the foundation glide across it with ease. You get 50mL in the bottle and I think that this will go a long way, since I only use 1 pump of it for my entire face (which is more than enough). I like to concentrate the primer on my nose area and cheeks where I have large pores and uneven skin. I normally am not THAT into MAC products, but I think that they really nailed this one out of the park!

St. Tropez Self Tan

Ok, so I don’t like tanning outside, HELL NO SUN DAMAGE. I also don’t like being pale in the summer. I have been TERRIFIED of self tanners for years after having ummm….orange streaky skin at some point in my teenage years. I have been reading on a ton of other people’s favourites columns that they are obsessing over this self tanner, so I decided to buy the Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse as well as the application Mitt. I exfoliated and shaved a day prior to application.

Wow, this is not streaky at all! I like that it gives you that sun-kissed glow but its not too crazy. If you don’t want to look like a ghost and don’t want to look like your from the Jersey Shore, check this out. I find it’s just the perfect amount of glow! I hear that it is buildable if you want to be a little darker but I haven’t really been interested in that, since I just want a slight sun-kissed glow, I have been using this about once every week or week and a half.

Peter Thomas Roth-Water Drench Hydrating Moisturizer

I bought this moisturizer while in line at Sephora. You know how you are in the beauty on the fly section, looking left, looking right, knowing that none of it is a particular good deal but it intrigues you anyways. I thought to myself, I’m low on moisturizer, I’m not really loving anything but the Dermalogica one (that only Ulta sells) so I should try something else, and then this caught my eye. It says that it is 30% hyaluronic acide, which is pretty darn good and I liked the way “Cloud Cream” sounded.

I put this one on and wow! my skin feels amazing. Even hours later it still feels moisturized. I really love this and can’t wait to see how my skin feels after I am finished this jar!


What products are you loving this month? Comment below and let me know!


xoxo Geek Refined <3

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