Geek it out: Email Organization

Work smarter not harder.

Do you want to be a geek with that special refinement to your persona? Use technology to your advantage. People will think “wow, she is so organized. She is good at what she does.” Here’s a few ways to tackle your emails and get ahead of your day.

I used to have a variety of elaborate folders, project based, sender based, company based, etc. You know what? That gets really complicated, especially when you need to search for something in the past. I find it got complicated and got really easy for me to lose track of what I had still to respond to. I use 1 folder. My system, read/unread/flagged. All email servers have these basic items and you can definitely use them to your advantage

  1. Emails. I get so many emails. Most of them have an action item assigned to them, I’ve delegated a lot more and have an administrator who takes care of a lot of the paperwork and clerical aspect of my job. Regardless, I still need to stay on top of them. My first rule is leave NO email unread. I try to check emails often and deal with ones that require quick approval, forwarding or simple reply as soon as I read them. If it doesn’t take me a few seconds to deal with them, I move to #2.
  2. If I can’t deal with the email right away, I flag it, I can swipe right on my phone and click the flag or on my computer, hit the flag next to the subject of the email. These go into my to-do list on my computer, which I have pinned on the right side of my screen. Makes them easy to deal with, when I can sit down and concentrate on catching up.
  3. I respond quickly with detailed responses. I do this from my phone, very quickly. Everyone remarks on how quick I can respond to action items in such detail. How do I do it? Using shortcut keys. PI on my keyboard says “Please issue”. I have several longer more detailed ones too. All I type is Hello Mr. Customer, and then my shortcut keys and it sends a beautifully crafted email. Play with this on your iPhone by going to Settings->General->Keyboard->Text Replacement. I promise you this one will save your day from typing the same email time and time again.

I really hope you like my tips to stay on top of your E-mail and let me know in the comments below what your favourite method is!

xoxo Geek Refined <3

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